Our Honeymoon Cruise on the Grand Dame Rotterdam

This weekend Suzanne was rummaging through the closet and came across a box with some of our old pictures and videos from our honeymoon cruise almost 20 years ago. We took a wonderful cruise to Alaska onboard the venerable Holland America Rotterdam. She was commissioned in 1958 and sailed the seas until 2000 when she went out of service. Built in the old days of sailing for the Atlantic crossing, it was quite the memorable trip.

Read Suzanne’s take on the honeymoon cruise and the benefit to our marriage at: cruisetalk.org/a-honeymoon-cruise-the-perfect-way-for-couples-to-start-their-lives-together/

There is a link in the article to the photo gallery, but here is a direct link: cruisetalk.org/gallery/holland-america-rotterdam-cruise-alaska-1993/

In the meantime, a wonderful photo of the old ship that started my love of cruising. And btw, I have no idea who that skinny kid in the photo is! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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