Packing Panic

Well I had two things that threw me into a “Packing Panic” as we prepare for our trip to Rome and our Transatlantic cruise.

First, I did a “try on and see what fits” with my son, and besides just a few recently purchased dress shirts and a few t-shirts, very little fit him. His pants were even a little small too. Worst of all his tuxedo pants were tight in the waist. I figured we could move the button over or put an elastic loop in the tux pants, but I knew I needed to get him a whole new wardrobe, and quick. I made my way to the local resale shop in the hopes of finding some thing nice for the cruise. I really lucked out as they had plenty of designer and name brand shirts for just $3. I also find 3 pairs of dress pants or docker type pants for him. Best of all of those good things, I found a pair of tuxedo pants. So for less than $65 I got him a whole new wardrobe for the cruise and he’s all set.

Then on Tuesday, I had my second “Packing Panic. I had done a test pack, where I fit everything into one suitcase. However, that was just clothes and shoes. On Tuesday I started putting my non-clothes items in the suit case like shampoo, toiletries, camera tripod, ect. Well, I just about filled the suit case with just that stuff. Panic panic panic. We are trying to pack light this time so that we are not hauling 8 fullsize suitcases through the streets of Rome! I guess I’ll just have to plan to not pack so much, but Steve is optimistic that we will be able to make it with the 5 cases and one small carry-on each. Of course he thinks that I should be able to lighten my case by leaving things like cosmetics, hair dryers, and curling irons behind, (who is he kidding?). Hopefully I will be able to figure out a compromise between what I want to bring and what I need to bring.

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