Rabbit in the Yard Creates Fun for All

We had a jack rabbit in the bushes yesterday. We didn’t want it eating the bushes or shrubbery, so we decided to have the dogs chase it away. Both dogs took off after it, but the puppy Stormy, was faster and had much more energy than out 8 year old dog. Stormy flollowed the rabbit across about 6 to 8 acres and then finally gave up. Sean chased both dogs to make sure that they didn’t get into any trouble. Steve was half joking and said we should check the bushes to see if the rabbit had laid any eggs. I had to remind him that rabbits don’t lay eggs because they are mammals, and then explain to him that the Easter Bunny just hides the chicken eggs.

However, his joking gave us an idea to play a joke on Sean. We told Savannah to get an egg from the refrigerator to put in the bushes. When Sean and the dogs returned back up the hill, we told him that the rabbit had laid an egg in the bushes. He looked at us like we were crazy, but when he looked, there it was right where the rabbit had been. He picked up the egg and gave it to Steve for him to look at. Steve called him over to look at the egg and then cracked it on his head. He was too tired from running after the dogs to be mad, and just asked for help washing off the egg. All really silly.

We got Sean all cleaned up and then played our Lord of the Rings strategy game together. It is a pretty challenging game and requires us all to work together to defeat the game. It worked out in our favor and we were able to defeat the game. So it turned out to be a great day for us.


  1. What a fun Sunday afternoon!

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