Savannah’s First Video Production

During many of our vacations, Savannah has enjoyed time taking video of the various things we have been doing. She knows that Suzanne will spend a bunch of time later editing the video to create a DVD of the experience.

She was so interested in doing this herself that last Christmas we got her a Disney package of a very low end video camcorder and some editing software. It turned out to not be a very good software package.

She has recently spent a lot of time on youtube watching videos and has an account and does other stuff there. She has been wanting to create some of her own videos to upload to youtube. So during our last trip to Michigan, while at the Lake Huron resort, she filmed a bunch of stuff when the weather started getting bad to make her own weather report video.

This weekend we spent a bunch of time teaching her how to use our video editing software (ULEAD) to make videos. When she was done, she posted her work to youtube. Its about what you would expect from 10 year old, so don’t expect an Oscar Award winning short file, but I am pretty impressed with how she picked up the software package and was able to take a bunch of video and edit down to the video below. Enjoy!



  1. Loved your video guys. Great job. Glad the hurricane past us by.

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