Sean’s Football Game

Sean’s football team got their season off to a start this week. As I have probably mentioned, Sean is playing for a different city this year as the old city isn’t fielding a team this year. The past years playing, they maybe had 15 kids for a game, so Sean played both ways. His team this year has 34 kids on it, so definitely less playing time.

Sean is just coming off a broken foot from a school accident. The last week was his first back in pads since the injury. He also lost the starting job while out, so he now has to earn the job back.

The team got off to a bad start, dropping the opener by a score of 14 – 0. It really wasn’t that close though. I think our team managed maybe 30 or 40 yards of offense all day. While the other team only scored twice, they had a lot more yards though are defense stiffened at the right times. Sean saw some time at defensive left end.

It was a lovely day for football – about 80 degrees and sunny. If you dont follow me on Twitter, you missed the pic I tweeted at the game, so I have included it down below. We really do love the country living. Sean’s team is the red team.

[image title=”game” size=”medium” id=”2914″ align=”none” ]

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