Showstopper Regional Results 2010

Last weekend was our annual trip to Phoenix for the Showstopper Dance competition with the other dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center.

Savannah reached a big goal by winning her first ever Platinum Trophy for her Mexican Folkloric dance to “Tilingo, Lingo”. She looked very beautiful in her long white dress and flowered head piece. She won Gold awards for her Jazz solo, group Pom Pom and group Jazz. This was Steve’s favorite routine from the competition.

Suzanne also won Platinum for her Song and Dance routine to “I Can’t Say No” from Oklahoma. Suzanne really portrayed the character and put humor into the routine. She also recieved a Gold award for her Solo Mexican Folkloric routine and her small group Folkloric Flamenco routine.

The most exciting event of the competition for Suzanne, Sean and Savannah was their group number together, “Nayarit.” This marked the first time the three of them performed together in one competition dance. The number was well recieved by the judges and the audience and recieved a Gold Award as well.

This was a fun weekend for all of us. Attending the Showstopper competition was like visiting with old friends as the staff and crew of the show are so friendly and welcoming year after year. Julian Thorn once again hosted the event, and seemed to really love his work. We plan to compete again at the National Finals in Anaheim California in July.

We should have pictures up in the next couple of day.

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