Showstopper Time

It’s almost time for our annual jaunt up to Phoenix for the Showstopper Regional Dance Competition. Suzanne and Savannah have been doing this competition for years.

Savannah usually dances a bunch of numbers with her various dance classes and then throws in a solo or two. Suzanne usually does similar but a few less.

This year, Sean will also be doing one dance. While he no longer dances in multiple classes, he is doing one Mexican Folkloric class and will be competing with them. In the dance, he gets to dance with machettes doing a variety of things with them.

I usually make the trip to Phoenix to watch them. That is not for certain this year as a business trip may interfere. Assuming they do well enough, the will then take their dances to the Showstopper National Competition at Disneyland this summer. It really doesn’t take much to make it to Nationals and if I remember correctly, all their dances are in the recreation category.

I will try to get some pics from the competition if I am there.

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