Stormy, Puppy #2, Going Really Well So Far

After finding out that Smokey died from Parvo, we expressed interest to the adoption agency in his sister. We wanted to wait about two weeks for several reasons. First, we wanted to make sure that she was healthy, because she had probably been exposed to the virus at the same time Smokey was, and we wanted to also just make sure we weren’t rushing into things too quickly. The agency brought her to the vet and he tested her for Parvo. When she tested negative, the Vet assured me that it was a fluke that Smokey had gotten Parvo because he had been vaccinated. In the case of his sister, it looks like her vaccinations were effective. In an abundance of precaution, I also bleached every surface in the house and the yard where Smokey had vomited or pooed.

[image title=”stormy” size=”medium” id=”2911″ align=”left” ]

In the mean time, we made arrangements to bring his sister, whom we named Stormy, home today. We met her up at the fairgrounds, with SueEllen in tow, to allow them to get somewhat acquainted in neutral territory. After they had adjusted we brought the two dogs home. It took a little while for Stormy to settle into the back yard, but pretty soon she was sniffing around the whole yard and chasing grass hoppers. The good news is that SueEllen is definitely exhibiting dominant behavior, but so far has not been aggressive. Stormy, is responding by being very calm and submissive, so it seems that they will get along fine. SueEllen has even given some indications that she wants to play with Stormy, but so far, Stormy is a little too nervous around her to join in the play. I think as she gets bigger and more confident she will be very willing to join in on the play time. It will be good for SueEllen to have a playmate.


  1. The new puppy is really cute. We surely hope all goes great for all of you, especially Savannah, and Stormy and Sue Ellen.

  2. She reminds me a lot of Tori, just a sweetheart of a doggie. SueEllen gets lots of treats for being so good with her. The most she has done is to knock her down with her paw. Still not really bad, but enough to intimidate pore Stormy. So far, so good!!! Looks like she has been accepted into the pack by the alpha female who is ranked below all humans. Maybe she’ll like having a subbordinate.

  3. Welcome Stormy. You are a cutie-pie. Hope you and your new family are a good fit.

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