Summer Olympics

Thus far, its been an exciting Summer Olympics! Of course, too much gymnastics for me, but the swimming and volleyball has been exciting. Sean and I have even enjoyed watching the badminton.

The track and field has started now too. While I don’t care too much for the “field” part, I do enjoy the sprint track races. The 100m final is tonight – looking forward to it.

This is really the first Olympics that the kids have really gotten into watching. They have seen events here and there in previous ones, but they have been riveted to the TV every night. And to be quite honest, the swimming events are the primary reason. They are definitely Michael Phelps fans – in fact, fans of the whole swim team. They are strongly rooting for the 8th Gold medal tomorrow.

Sean, despite having his man card revoked for it, has enjoyed watching the gymnastics events. Its kind of funny to watch him yell at the judges for low balling the American scores. He has been a big cheerleader for them. While I may not be, Suzanne and him are looking forward to watching the individual event competitions.

They have both decided that they like the Summer Olympics better than the Winter Olympics. I would tend to agree, but Suzanne, with her figure skating heritage, would likely disagree.

Oh oh, Dara Torres is going for the 50M freestyle – gotta run!


  1. Can’t figure how you lose your “man” card watching good looking women do gymnastics. I haven’t lost my card.

  2. you are correct of course Brett… It takes a tremendous amount of talent and skill to do what they do…

    Personally, I just don’t find it that interesting, but the rest of the family has thoroughly enjoyed watching the gymnastics.

  3. Have him watch the women’s beach volleyball to regain his man card ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I too have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics. Am staying up way to late to be sure not to miss anything. Have liked most of it (except watching the Romanian woman run for hours) Beach volleyball and swimming rate at the top. Got a chuckle from badminton and trampoleon – although I was glued to the set during them.

  5. They get that shuttlecock moving up to 200mph in badminton… quite amazing… a lot different from what we used to play in the backyard…

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