The Girls Win Big At Showstopper

Once again Suzanne and Savannah traveled to Phoenix to attend the Showstopper Dance competition. This year was a little different as they were the only two soloist from the dance studio to attend the competition. The only group that went was the St. Andrew’s/Alma Dolores Folklorico group.

Suzanne kicked off the entire competition with her 40-49 year old song and dance routine to “Cabaret.” With her time slot at 8:00 in the morning, that meant leaving the house at 4 am to get to Phoenix on time. She was overall pleased with her performance but felt that a few of the details could have been better. She won a Gold First Place in her category, and not only her age group, but also the 20 and older division too.

After her awards, the girls enjoyed some shopping, swimming and dinner in Phoenix, and got a good night’s sleep at the Comfort Inn.

Savannah was nearly the first to perform on Saturday with an 8:20 time slot for her Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance. Most people refer to her style as Belly Dance, but her costume was a little more modest than a “Belly Dance” costume. She did an outstanding job with her expression and technique. About 2 hours later she performed her Hip/Hop solo. She once again had great expression but was lacking a bit in her technique. At 12:30, Julian, the Showstoppers MC, presented her awards. She scored a Gold First Place for both dances, but was thrilled to also win the over-all award in the 9-11 Age group for her folk dance. That dance was also her highest scoring solo in her four years performing solos at the Showstopper competition. She was thrilled with her improvement.

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  1. Way to go, Suzanne and Savannah! Congratulations on your awards!

  2. Great job! We had no doubt that you both would make us proud.

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