The Guardian

We got a chance this weekend to view the movie The Guardian. As mentioned before, we don’t get to the theater very often and prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our home theater, so we are sometimes slow in watching movies. Also, we tend to watch a lot of old films that we enjoyed before.

We weren’t sure what to expect from The Guardian and I have no clue what kind of reviews it got while in theaters. The movie opened with a lot of action and instantly gets your attention. There can be some slow spots in the middle, but it finishes with a bang.

Overall, we enjoyed watching the movie. Suzanne compared it to Top Gun. The movie was quite predictable and even a bit over the top on the cheese factor. That said, we still enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

If you don’t know the premise of the movie, Kevin Costner plays a US Coast Guard rescue swimmer stationed in Alaska. He goes in when a ship or something in the ocean is in trouble to rescue them. Ashton Kuchner plays an aspiring Coast Guard Lieutenant who wants to be a rescue swimmer.

As stated earlier, every step of the movie is predictable, just like Top Gun, but you just have a desire to watch it. The DVD rental did have some bonus features like an alternate ending. Let’s just say, they picked the correct ending for the movie.

We also watched Zoolander this weekend as we had never seen it. The kids have seen several Will Ferrell / Owen Wilson / Ben Stiller movies and wanted to see it. They laughed quite hard during the movie. Suzanne thought it was quite. Me? I thought it was barely watchable – not really my cup of tea.


  1. I didn’t love the movie but it was ok. The post is correct you know what was going to happen the whole time.

  2. Everyone loves twists and turns in movies and I one would certainly tire of movies that were predictable, but once in a while it’s okay to know what’s coming. Agree with your assessment that it won’t make anyones top list, but certainly worth a watch.

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