The Modern Media Reports on the WWII Normandy Invasion

Here at Mr Papa’s World, I don’t normally delve into the World of politics, but on the rare occasions that I have, it’s quite obvious that I am a Conservative. While reading a bunch of the blogs I normally review on a daily basis, I came across the following video.

The Combat Report spent some serious time and created a video to show how our modern, liberal media just might report on the World War II invasion of Normandy. This video struck a real cord with me. It’s so sad, but probably true. We all know how successful the Normandy invasion was and how it helped hasten the end of the Nazi war machine, but this is a great example of how the media twists the facts and creates sensational news.

Thanks to Double Tap and Blackfive for the original posts…



  1. Good work…sad, but true. Interesting how news organizations can use subtle connotation (and sometimes not so subtle) to try and influence public opinion. I personally think coverage of the current war has reached a fevered pitch of liberal bias.

  2. I definitely agree, that’s why I posted this when I usually stay away from political issues in my family blog…

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