The Pursuit of Happiness

Tonight, we gave the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happiness a run. It’s a feel good story about a man of vision who is down and out on his luck. His sales job isn’t working and his wife leaves him. Yet, he is determined to provide for his son. The movie finds him living in subway bathrooms and homeless shelters while he works as a no-pay apprentice trying to land his dream job. You can probably figure out how the rest of the movie is going to go.

With Will Smith in the movie, it really can’t miss. Still, I would rather see him zapping aliens like in Independence Day. In the movie, his son is played by his real-life son and the bond is evident. The movie can be a bit slow, but you still find yourself rooting for Will’s character. There is a nice touch at the end of the movie when Will Smith passes by the real life guy he portrays in the movie.

Suzanne and Sean are also giving Eragon a watch tonight, but I am off working on our Cruise Talk Central redesign.

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