Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-14

  • watching bit.ly/18Yu7M now… astronauts boarding Endeavour for last night time launch of space shuttle #
  • three hours til launch though… something tells me I wont make it… interesting pre-flight stuff though…. #
  • Faded last night and didnt make if up for the space shuttle launch. god thing as they scrubbed until Monday morning. #
  • Not very memorable game, but kept one's interest. Congrats Saints! Like watching SB games where dont care who wins. but as Lions fan, normal #
  • typical SB day. home chips, salsa and queso. followed by chicken wings. good thing SB is only once a year! #
  • Another winter storm watch for next couple days. Nothing like out East. That's quite a few this year for us but only 2 have actually hit #
  • Oh oh. Looks like my facebook account hacked. Interesting since I almost never log in directly. Hacking facebook is pitifully easy. #
  • Go WP droid! (Via bloggingpro) Family Feud: WordPress Vs WordPress (On The Blackberry, iPhone And Android) tinyurl.com/ygjhrmj #
  • Sean took 2nd place today in Math Counts regional competition. This means he qualified for the AZ State Math Counts competition next month! #
  • For the first time since records were kept, there is snow on the ground in every state! damn global warming! #globalwarming #
  • about time for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Have to get it out of the way so the events can be watched! #
  • Nice relaxing Saturday watching Olympics…. could get used to this… #

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