Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-21

  • Another one of those 'fake' holidays. Can't be a real holiday when I am at work, right? #
  • Good luck to Sean today at county spelling bee! Trying for the double – qualify for State in both Math and Spelling. Math already done. #
  • Sean has to settle for 1 out 2. qualified for state in Math Counts, but not Spelling Bee. He went out on croquette when he spelled croquet. #
  • Family prepping for showtopper dance competition. For me, that means having laptop and droid phone ready! #
  • Couldn't agree more!! (via Michael Rosenberg) NBC's tape-delay coverage of Olympics frustrating for sports fans tinyurl.com/ybe25kg #
  • The loooong day at Showstopper dance competition in Phoenix has begun. Got here at 8:30 am – won't get back to hotel until after 11 tonight! #
  • Who would have thought pure, pouring down rain in Phoenix with no sign of letting up? #
  • Suzanne in her song and dance routine. Hope it comes out as lighting is bad twitpic.com/14coil #
  • Suzanne doing her Folklorico solo at Showstopper twitpic.com/14crd4 #
  • Savannah performing her pom pom routine at Showstopper twitpic.com/14e8jl #
  • Wow, some day I really need to spend some time and set up and play with the camera in this Droid phone. #
  • About 8 hours down at Showstopper dance competition and still going strong. Well at least still going! Only 7 hours to go! #
  • Savannah just won platinum first place for her Mexican Folklorico solo. It was her first platinum and she's pretty jacked. It was my fav to #
  • And a very, very long day is drawing to a close. After almost 15 hours, time to leave the dance competition. Back tomorrow. #

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