Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-28

  • Back at Showstopper for another day of competition. Luckily only about 5 hours today. Then the drive home. #
  • And that's all folks. So ends another Showstopper dance competition. Finally time to pack up and head home with lots of trophies and medals #
  • WTF NBC… you broadcast Olympics hockey Russia vs Czech in HD, but you put USA vs Canada in standard def?? more reasons why #NBC sucks! #
  • WOW! what a hockey game. At LEAST Stanley Cup excitement and its not even the medal round yet! #olympics #
  • Olympic hockey doesnt get much better than that!!! USA wins over Canada 5-3 #olympics #
  • wonderful #olympic usa vs canada hockey match. now wife making me watch ice dancing. weekend of dance competition and now ice dancing. argh! #
  • really looking forward to 3 day weekend this weekend. having 'missed' weekend last weekend, its needed. how many times can I say 'weekend'? #
  • Final weekend of Olympics. Been enjoying it and hockey final tomorrow – should be good one! #

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