Weekly Lifestream 2010-03-07

  • Setting up for the church benefit tonight. Just call me the tech guy. #
  • damn! made 3 cheesecakes last night for church benefit tonight and left them on the counter overnight! they are ruined now! argh! #fail #
  • wow, what a busy day in the NFL. Tenders and cutst all over the place. Should be even more interesting tomorrow when free agents can sign. #
  • Spring is finally here in earnest. Been in low 70's all week. Need to enjoy it before it gets hot. #
  • Big benefit for church building fund this weekend. Suzanne singing, dance studio dancing and me the tech guy. Savannah and I baking too. #
  • Wow, another Monday. The start of this year seems extra slow. And no holidays until Memorial Day. #
  • That was one of the stranger closing ceremonies I have seen… #
  • enjoyed the #olympics this winter! sure wish #nbc could have done a better job and shown more! only 2 more years to the summer olympics #
  • tough loss. was hoping for a more dramatic game winning goal. No need for Ryan Miller to hang is head. #
  • Wow, what an #olympics hockey final – overtime. late goal for US with goalie pulled! This is excitement. NHL has to play in #sochi2014 #

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