Weekly Lifestream 2010-06-06

  • Off to second night of dance recitals whew… #
  • Savannah tearing up the dance floor with folklorico dance twitpic.com/1u0hbd #
  • Oooppsss here is sean's machette pic twitpic.com/1u0fj3 #
  • Grammy enjoying the show and intermission twitpic.com/1u06pl #
  • Suzanne in a Flamenco number twitpic.com/1tzwm0 #
  • Dance recital time again for the girls. Two nights this time. Grammy is here this time. #
  • Yeah! a visit from my Mother tomorrow! Finally got her out of Florida! kids are excited! #
  • RT @dmataconis: The "Boycott BP" meme is stupid. The stations are franchised. You're just hurting an innocent small business owner, dumbass. #
  • doing a little home cleaning this weekend. My Mother is coming for a visit next week. #


  1. Loved the recital photos and so glad Grammy is there to share the fun with you!

  2. She enjoyed the show! Saturday was probably the best night of recital I have seen in our many years – they are definitely stepping it up!

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