Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-15

  • Simple:Press 4.3.3 Released t.co/p7bGXxu via @MrPapa #
  • hey @mikemacias what happened to your tweet me SP hook code? I dont see them anymore? replacing wtih new Tweet Me button from twitter? #
  • sure has been nice having a few days off work. got caught up on work around the house. think I will take monday off too! #
  • ahhh… nice to be back in AZ in the 100+ deg heat. much, much nice than that humidity in DC! #
  • Back in tucson. Sort stop by the office – and I do mean short – to get my car and the needed vacation starts. #
  • Down in DFW. Getting close. Can taste that vacation. #
  • Just waiting in DC to catch plane home and start my vacation. Getting upgraded to First all the way is good start! #
  • And a nice way to wind down a very long day twitpic.com/2d8xh9 twitpic.com/2d8xh9 mission accomplished #
  • Now that's happiness twitpic.com/2d82fp #
  • Getting ready to enjoy a ruth's chris steak house filet overlooking the potomac river. Hmmmmm. twitpic.com/2d7uf8 #
  • Business done! Miller time! Enjoy DC tonight and then fly home tomorrow and start a much needed vacation! #
  • Wheels up in 10 mins to deliver last two months of work. Woot! think our charter flight being flown by Blue Angels – blue jumpsuits and all #

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