Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-22

  • Sean's birthday today. Heading into town for the day. Lunch at Hooters – his choice. Buffalo Wild Wings better food but…. #
  • sheesh. Suzanne just killed another rattlesnake in the garage. that's two today & 10 for the summer. more than all the other years combined. #
  • dang, another rattlesnake bites the dust. these mojaves can just leave anytime… #
  • Have been working him at def tackle and off guard. Has a good shot at 1st string strong side guard on offense. He needs to grow and fast! #
  • Sean has been working hard all summer for football. Has had month of hard practices now. Is a freshman and season starts 8/31. #
  • These days off have been great! I think I feel one more day off coming up tomorrow! I deserve it! #

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