Weekly Lifestream 2010-09-05

  • That's more like it. Empire looked like they should be one of the top ranked teams in the state with a comfortable 34 – 7 victory. #
  • Its Friday night. Heading out to Empire HS football game. #
  • YES! Found out today that giving up my summer at work paid off huge with a big win! Makes it all worth it. #
  • And that's the way it ends. 18 – 13 for a season opening loss. If not foe those 2 blocked punts returned for TD….. #
  • We broke a 40 yard run on 4th and 6 to score. Its now 12 – 6, we are down, after 3 quarters. #
  • Crap! Another blocked punt for a td. That's two. Now 18 – 6. Would be tied without 2 blocks for td. #
  • QB just scampered 70 yds for TD. 5 mins to go and down 18 – 13. #
  • A blocked punt and we are down 12 – 0 at the half. Both offenses moving the ball but struggling to score. #
  • End of 1st. Down 6-0. Sean and O line opening good holes but 3 fumbles hurt. Defense needs to tighten up. #
  • Interesting. Opponent Benson seems to only have 14 or 15 kids dressed. We have 40+. Their kids will be tired tonight. #
  • Almost game time! Still about 90 degrees but sun heading down. Kids pumped up! #
  • Game Day! Opening game of HS football for Sean! A bit odd on Tuesday. He is excited and nervous. Cant wait to see him blow up some defenders #
  • hmmmm… smoked some chicken today marinated it for 18 hours and smoked it for about 3 hours with apple wood. damn good! #
  • Looking forward to afternoon of family boardgames. Playing Colosseum. Just got it last week and it was fun. From the makers of Carcasonne. #

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