Weekly Lifestream 2010-09-12

  • Can you say tasty! Smoked that pork butt all day long w cherry & hickory wood. Fantastic pulled pork! Savannah now knows a bit about smoking #
  • oh yea! NFL season is underway! Cant wait for Sunday and my day with NFL Sunday Ticket! #
  • cool! just figured out the Empire is streaming the varsity game tonight. too far to go. a bit late, but 43-7 in 4th quarter, our favor #
  • thinking I need to smoke a pork butt tomorrow for some delicious pulled pork! Time to teach Savannah how to smoke too! #
  • Almost game time for Sean's JV team. Tough game as we step up a class to take on Rio Rico. Go Ravens! #
  • have now drafted my 2 fantasy football leagues for year. Pretty happy with 1 but the other will need weekly massaging. Let the season begin! #
  • argh. back to work. nice three day weekend though. hope everyone's Labor Day weekend, was as pleasant as mine… #
  • Sean is trying to get a fantasy football league (on ESPN) started. 10 teams has 6 now. Draft tomorrow. Let me know if anyone interested. #
  • still working on that new website for Savannah. Not quite ready to announce it yet (though I think she did). Soon. #

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