Weekly Lifestream 2010-09-19

  • Empire Varsity football, ranked #5 in state beat #3 Safford last night 24-21. Should be moving up in the rankings! #
  • My protege continues to excel. Savannah won best in show for baking today at County Fair for her cake. She received several blue ribbons too #
  • Sean also caught a pass for 5 yds. problem is he's a lineman. Refs didnt notice since there wasn't a flag. guess they were surprised too 😉 #
  • Sean must be doing something right on the HS football team. Coach just elevated him to one of the captains… #
  • Well, guess we improved in the second half. We only lost 47-0 #
  • Ouch! Another ugly one. We are down 34-0 at the half. Varsity may be ranked 5th in the State, but JV needs a lot of work. #
  • Football night again! Let's hope for better result tonight! JV is 0-2 this year. #
  • Received our copy of #Halo Reach today. Sean already diving in. I just might have to let this one pass me by – no more interest in Halo #
  • so when is fall going to get here? Just a bit tired of 100+ deg temps… #
  • hmmmm…. taught Savannah how to make Chateaubriand tonight. Outstanding! Funny, two years ago she wouldn't have touched Bearnaise sauce 😉 #
  • oh yeah! plays like that at the end of the half make it great to be a Cowboys hater! #
  • that bears – lions games was ugly, ugly, ugly. neither team can be happy about it. then have to have #nfl stupidity. oh well… #
  • how any diff than rb breaking plane??? #nfl rules get worse and worse every year #
  • more NFL rule inconsistency. things like this would be so laughable if not so important. horrible horrible rules. #
  • yeah baby! NFL Sunday! Been missing ya! Another year rooting for the Lions! Just about game time! #

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