Weekly Lifestream 2010-09-26

  • wow. has looked like WWIII in kitchen today. Note to self: next cooking lesson for Savannah is how to clean as you go! #
  • got the smoker fired up again today. Savannah wants a Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich as part of the menu for tomorrow. One pork butt smoking! #
  • Dinner party for neighbors tomorrow. Savannah planned the menu and is cooking everything. Think its going to be a busy weekend for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • Homecoming game tonight. Turns out Sean didn't win the final freshman homecoming court vote. #
  • Looks like we forgot to show up in the second half. Final score was 34-8. So that's an 0-4 start. Ouch! #
  • Was a close game until they scored twice in the last 3 mins. So, its 20-8 at the half – their favor. #
  • Yup. Sonoita is cooler than Tucson. Tucson is cooler than Phoenix. Mighty hot for the game. Can't wait for sun to go down! #
  • Wow. That's some big kids on the other side. Most of the line is bigger than me yfrog.com/03osmgj #
  • Hmmm. Interesting drive out to tonight's game against San Tan Foothills. Time for a win. #
  • Sean's football game is away tonight – 2 hours away! Quite a road trip. But then again, means a shorter day at work. #
  • dang. perhaps final monsoon storm of the season knocked internet out for about 4 hours tonight. #
  • sheesh. humidity so thick in Florida on my trip you could cut it with a knife. Raining this morning and cant tell there is humidity at home #
  • Lord Sean?? Seems he finished in top 3 vote getters for freshman during homecoming court voting. Finds out Friday if he is the Freshman Lord #
  • Finished business a bit early and going to catch early flight home. Get in couple hours early which is good since it will be dark. #
  • Good to have two and a half men and how I met your mother back on Mondays! Comedy is back! Wish big bang theory was here but Thurs not far #
  • My view from the dinner table. Ah yes…. yfrog.com/jdwg2pj #
  • Missing my 'dry heat'. Take 100 degree heat and no humidity any day. This sticky stuff is for the birds. And it's a low humidity day here. #
  • Heading out on short business trip – back Tuesday night. Rough trip with hotel on beach / ocean. Too bad not more time. #
  • dang, typical of my Lions. score two TDs late, get the onside kick and then throw 4 incomplete passes. argh. still, its progress! #
  • yeah, right #NFL mucky mucks still think there is no grey area in catches? At least Lions were on winning side this time for the call #


  1. Yes, please do. A really good cook knows how to clean up after himself or herself.

    Congratulations to Sean on his nomination to Homecoming Court and to Savannah on the excellent meal for the “dryer” helpers!

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