Weekly Lifestream 2010-10-03

  • Ravens ran out of steam in fourth quarter. Plus giving up 3 TD plays over 50 yds is tough. Final score 38-14. Another loss and still winless #
  • Ouch! Tough when you have 4 plays inside the 5 yard line and can't score. Then 3 plays they throw a bomb for a TD. Now 22-14 late in 3rd. #
  • Close game at the half – perhaps our best yet. We are down 8-6. #
  • Just about game time! Let's hope for the first win for JV. Vista Grande team looks smaller – that's a first. Hope it helps! #
  • whew. glad the past two days are over. busy at work with Customers in town. success! Ready for Sean's football game tomorrow night! #
  • wow. full day. awesome job by Savannah today cooking for the neighbors. Got myself a great apprentice! still, there's that cleaning thing 😉 #
  • watched Russell Crowe Robin Hood. Good, but not Robin Hood. Was that last scene stolen from Saving Private Ryan??? nice landing craft!! #

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