Weekly Lifestream 2010-10-10

  • At varsity game tonight. 6-0 and ranked 3rd in state. Tough game tonight. Lots of injuries/sick. Opponent good too and 5-1. Line avgs 305! #
  • Oh yeah! How sweet it is! First win! Final score 47-28. Celebration time. #
  • Wow! The Ravens look really good tonight. Hitting on all cylinders. At the half, qw are up 34-12. Keep it up and we might have first win. #
  • JV football again tonight. Road trip to Coolidge High School. Let's get a win! yfrog.com/mtfkxtj warming up. yfrog.com/n0o59xj #
  • Good for a quick laugh! RT @Alyssa_Milano: Facts about farts–> is.gd/fOT0O #
  • Lions find another way to not win a game. Gotta try that long field goal no matter how good your D is playing when you aren't winning. #
  • sheesh. Lions trying to give another one away. too many penalties and turnovers. yet they are only down 21-14 at the half. #
  • Sitting down and watching another Lions game. Been in every one this year but always do it to themselves. Go Lions! #

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