Weekly Lifestream 2010-10-24

  • Looks like the streak will end. It's 26-0 at the half in favor of the other guys. Ugly! #
  • Good football weather! Game time temperature 62° and dropping! #
  • Football game night! Ravens JV riding two game win streak! Season has gone by fast – only two games left for Sean as freshman. #
  • So this is what rain in October is like? Not sure I have seen much, if any, rain in October here in the desert before. nice. #
  • @alisammeredith yes different forum on main site and each network site. in reply to alisammeredith #
  • best part, Sean is taking all honors courses & still getting all A's & captain of JV football team as freshman! Can ya tell I am proud Papa? #
  • sean enjoying laptop high. no lockers or books. all on computer. lectures via podcast, assignments via teacher blog and turn in work online. #
  • about this time of year, I really need a vacation. Need to learn how to take one earlier in year vs waiting & taking 5 weeks at end of year #
  • Lions 11 penalties – Giants 2. As usual, the Lions do more damage to themselves than the opponent does #
  • nice fall Sunday for some football! windows open – very comfortable. Now just need Lions to win! #

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