Weekly Lifestream 2010-10-31

  • At the varsity football game tonight. Not their last game though as they already qualified for the playoffs. #
  • Tired. Home from Sean's game last night about 12:15AM! Truly an away game. Hopefuly, the upcoming AZ HS realignment means closer away games. #
  • And it's over quickly in OT. Final score 26-20. And the season record ends 2-7. Rough year. #
  • Last game of the season and it's overtime! At end of regulation its 20-20. Exciting end! #
  • So far so good. It's 12-6 our favor at half. #
  • The view from the stands twitpic.com/31pqs6 #
  • Game is in Fountain Hills near Phoenix tonight. Wow! Some very expensive homes around here. Nice new school too. #
  • Sean was informed that he will be starting on both off and def tonight. Started all season on off but will be first defensive action! #
  • whew. what a week. been with Customers most of it. Now LONG roadtrip (3+ hours) for final HS football game this season for Sean tomorrow. #
  • man, this weekend went by fast. And I took Friday off! Good thing I have another Friday off coming up! Have to take my PTO before I lose it! #
  • hmmm… thinking about selling the house after the first of the year. move closer to town and downsize. slow life down. maybe. #

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