Weekly Lifestream 2010-11-14

  • Sean decided to buy kinect for xbox – with his own money! from his slush fund, not his savings. I must be paying too much allowance! #
  • and dang, this #tweetdeck realtime update really sucks… time to find the off button… #
  • wow. where did this week go??? Friday already?? Not complaining – especially having the day off – but lets slow down this machine… #
  • dang. if I'm not careful, Savannah will turn into better chef than I! awesome food from her this weekend. Her 1st Thanksgiving meal upcoming #
  • Nothings changed for Lions. Just absolutely gave away another game. Horrible play calling in 4th quarter. oh well… #
  • time to see if the Lions are at all for real today. taking on the Jets. game an hour later since the rest of the country fell back today #

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