Weekly Lifestream 2010-12-26

  • Stuffed Cornish Game Hens for Xmas dinner! woot! #
  • Kids made short work of the Christmas gifts once again this morning. Let the fun begin! #
  • Merry Christmas to All!!! I hope Santa has been kind to you this year! #
  • Christmas Mass over. Almost time for the feast and then opening some presents. Great Christmas Eve! #
  • Savannah has the lead on dinner tonight and Christmas day. Her first one! Me, I am just helping and training. Fun times! #
  • the yule log is made. Getting close to time to put the prime rib in the oven and head off to Christmas Eve Mass. #
  • early Xmas present! Got Sean's first HS report card. Taking all honors courses and got all A's. During football season to boot! Proud Papa! #
  • weather finally cooled off. Well, at least into 60s during the day. Rather enjoyable! A white Christmas looks out of the question this year. #
  • oh yeah! Mr Papa in the house! Made Super Bowl in both my fantasy leagues! Most proud of the league I started 0-4-1 before 9 straight wins! #
  • RT @akirathedon: If you've never seen this, SERIOUSLY, prepare to have your mind blown. BEHOLD: Snow Under A Microscope bit.ly/ep2SXt #
  • Wow! Lions win in OT! First win on road since Oct 2007. That's 1131 days or so. Actually pulled it out late. Yes! #

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