Weekly Lifestream 2011-01-16

  • knew it was going to happen. after raucous all night girls party, of course real estate agents want to bring folks by. Mad scramble to clean #
  • sleep at premium now. sleepover birthday party for Savannah last night. Bunch of screaming girls with some who stayed up all night. #
  • @TAThiessen absolutely! too long a break without White Collar. USA needs to get these seasons close together! in reply to TAThiessen #
  • so why do I want to move? some friends as seen from one of our back porches yfrog.com/h4fwgznj would definitely miss this! #
  • tough week. enjoying my three day weekend. Next two weeks even tougher with major reviews at work. pushing it out of my mind for now! #
  • sheesh. How clueless is #dupnik He's doing EXACTLY what he is criticizing others for! Get off the stage and catch some bad guys! #
  • first house showing tomorrow since on market Wed! They drove by twice today and picked up flier. Interested enough to stop by and see it! #
  • very good wildcard football playoff weekend. Three of the four games had excitement to the end. No favorite in playoffs so hope it continues #
  • @armybikerguy courgeous? lol #dupnik could leave AZ anytime and I wouldn't lose any sleep. in reply to armybikerguy #
  • Wish we could get #Dupnik away from the cameras – or at least just the state facts instead of espousing his beliefs. Isn't his time up yet? #
  • another day of house cleaning. getting to be more regular and detailed task now that the house is for sale. Place looks nice! #


  1. Loved seeing the pronghorns in your back yard!

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