Weekly Lifestream 2011-04-03

  • argh. had to respond to IRS examination by mail. they think I missed some web revenue. hopefully, I proved to them it was included in return #
  • None the less, color me a proud Papa for such a fantastic job. 11th place in AZ state – better than almost the entire state! #
  • Too bad Savannah didn't know which ocean the Falkland Islands are in. Doh! Or which country, China or Netherlands, had mountains > 14k ft. #
  • Holy Cow! Congratulations to Savannah! She finished tied for 11th today in the AZ State Geography Bee! Pretty damn impressive! #
  • Lights were out by 10 last night. Can't remember the last time that happened… #
  • Friday Savannah competes in AZ State Geography Bee contest as regional winner! Good luck Savannah! Girls road trip and guys time at home! #

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