Weekly Lifestream 2011-04-24

  • Made the flight. Should be home on time. Yeah! #
  • Yup. Figures. Just announced a one hour delay. Now that makes the connection tight. #
  • Getting ready to fly home – assuming airplanes cooperate. Productive trip – like those! #
  • Nothing like an after dinner walk on the beach. Quite enjoyable. Oh wait, this is a business trip – have to work in AM. Argh. #
  • Spoke too soon. AA bumped me to first. So good trade after all. Glad it's a quick trip! #
  • Of course. My original flight canceled. Moved to new flight 75 mins earlier. Now its delayed to match original flight but lost good seat 🙁 #
  • hmmm. lucky night I guess. They got me on a flight one hour earlier. hope that flight goes. important meeting Thursday. #
  • hmmm… business trip tomorrow and AA just called and said my flight was canceled. trying to rebook me. #
  • @abstanfield you want a diff skin? colors basically? you wont be able to alter design with skins. The currently in dev 5.0 will have themes. in reply to abstanfield #
  • @abstanfield In the support forum, we have a specific forum for 'job' requests where people can offer or request paid services. in reply to abstanfield #
  • @abstanfield lol. I am actually one of the developers of Simple:Press. If you open a topic in the support forum, we can try to help you. #

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