Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-15

  • whew! long day today with both kids getting confirmed. finally home and enjoying a glass of wine before calling it a night. #
  • lol. couldnt resist… RT @BorowitzReport: Based on the huge stash of porn recovered, the CIA believes Bin Laden acted alone. #
  • Friday the 13th… scary? nah, just the start of a another weekend! #
  • damn! #
  • Okay Wings, lets get it done! #
  • just got my new HTC Thunderbolt phone last night. Pretty dang neat! No telling how long until 4G is available around here though… #
  • Wings come back from three game deficit to win three and force game 7. The Joe was rocking tonight! #
  • Wow, thats huge chunk of change! RT @BreakingNews: Microsoft nears deal to buy Skype for $7 billion – wsj.com on.wsj.com/jQvIvE #
  • Savannah's gifted class entered a t-shirt design contest for a green t-shirt company tinyurl.com/5tv7z4s Stop on by and vote for hers #
  • Happy Mothers Day! #

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