Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-29

  • damn fine parenting job! both kids ended year with straight A's! Love that Sean started 1st year HS with all A's. Savannah right behind him #
  • ah, the sweet smell of vacation… and nothing to do but sit at home and relax… oh, and write some code! the geek that I am… #
  • Friday! Friday! And an extra special one at that since I have all of next week off! The clock sure is moving slow… #
  • Last day of school for kids then off for summer. Jealous. Why cant I get the summer off? #
  • coyotes chased antelopes on property this evening. baby antelope jumped into yard and Suzanne ended up carrying it around until coyotes left #
  • @GunsAndHoses_ I know! I want more global warming like this! in reply to GunsAndHoses_ #
  • still no 100 deg temps yet this year. very odd. usually dozen or two by now. not complaining mind you – loving it in fact. #
  • smoking brisket and chicken today! smells SOOOO good. Savannah and making Italian rolls and sourdough bread. fun day! #

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