Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-05

  • of course, about 5 fires burning near hear so been smelling and smoking for while now. terrible fire season and monsoon still month away #
  • Further & bigger but we r getting smoke RT @BreakingNews Winds fan Wallow wildfire near Alpine, Ariz., to 106,000 acres bit.ly/kvvJHx #
  • absolutely loving the cool weather – very unseasonal for us. Cool still relative though 90's vs 100's but big difference! humidity down too! #
  • Another fast moving wildfire as seen from back porch. Wind blowing in good direction. lockerz.com/s/106801044 #
  • think I will play a round of golf with Sean tomorrow. Sheesh, could get used to this not working… 😉 #
  • argh. first snake of the season in the garage. Hopefully, this wont be another 12 snake summer. Put this one in freezer for friend who skins #
  • smoking some pulled pork today! this BBQ/smoking is addictive! not sure my diet can handle it thought 😉 #
  • smoking some ribs! oh yeah…. #
  • Anyone say ribs? gonna cook some ribs for dinner tomorrow with Savannah. then smoke some pork shoulder and sausage on Tuesday. hmmmm. #

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