Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-26

  • OMG. Best. Paella. Ever. FTW! yfrog.com/hsqviuvj yfrog.com/kkdklccj Savannah and I hit it out of the park! Mmmmmm… #
  • gonna do some backyard paella tonight. as soon as the heat drops a bit that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰ a good afternoon cooking with Savannah! #
  • with the wind dying down, some heavy smoke form the Monument Fire is descending upon us tonight. Gonna have to close up the house and go A/C #
  • man, that Monument Fire in Sierra Vista is going wild. Amazing amount of smoke. Front row seat but no danger. Know bunch of folks over there #
  • Happy Fathers Day! enjoy! #

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