Weekly Lifestream 2011-09-25

  • Empire homecoming streak remains alive with 28-7 win. #
  • At Empire varsity football game. Homecoming night. Shouldn't say this, but Empire has never lost a homecoming game. #
  • @gsprating have already answered…. in reply to gsprating #
  • only 2 hour @centurylink internet downtime this time. making progress. #
  • Yup @centurylink internet down. Again. 5th noticeable time this month. 1st 4 down time > 12 hours. Can't blame weather – cool and sunny #
  • Oh yeah. Final score 28-12. Ravens win. Very good 2nd half. Controlled the line on both sides of the ball. Now 3-1 on the.season. #
  • 13-12 at the half our favor. Should be up by more. Dumb mistakes and failure to capitalize. Need a good 2nd half. #
  • Almost gametime for Sean's football team. Away game in Rio Rico. They're bigger. Sean starting off guard & def tackle. Gonna be tired 2 nite #
  • Virtual Friday! Gotta love it. Throw in Sean's football game tonight and its a good day #
  • Hmmm link butchered…

    t.co/AFyzSos5 #

  • Google Plus now open to all. Have to set mine up better tonight. What a pixelly profile pic. Http:/plus.google.com/#116117817789973818391 #
  • fun Sunday night game! down to the wire! nice to see the Falcons pull it out. #
  • Now thats how you finish a game! Nice 48-3 win for the Lions! Love the 2-0 start – just keep it going! #
  • good start Lions! 20-3 at half. Need to capitalize better on Offense. Defense playing well needs to keep it up and bring it home!! #
  • Savannah spent night at friends last night. Sean went to UA football game tonight with friends & sleeping over. Guess they are prepping us! #
  • alright, lets see if Lions can jump out to 2-0 start tomorrow against KC. Odd, would rather they were playing a tougher team and not favored #

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