Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-02

  • oh. and Go Lions on Sunday! #
  • wow. this Cowboy coach is smoking something good! t.co/OrqEgUTC #
  • @Tireguy nah. long week at work. the wine is open tonight though… ;-] in reply to Tireguy #
  • just kicking back enjoying a relaxing night.. think a movie is in order tonight… but which one? #
  • Empire JV football moved to 4-1 for year with win over Bisbee tonight. Actually was a forfeit – not enough Bisbee players. kids rather play #
  • oh man… smoked a turkey breast today. absolutely wonderful. first time I have smoked turkey. will be doing it again! #
  • gutsy come back for the Lions in OT 26-23 after being down 20-0 at half. Scary last 2 minutes though. Calvin comes through big! #
  • wow. Lions secondary sure exposed in that first half. Knew they were weak, but held their own before today. #
  • Lions football! Let's go Lions! Time for 3-0… #

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