Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-09

  • If physical appearances count for anything, easy to see why Sabino is one of best teams in Tucson. They are a division higher than us. #
  • At empire varsity football game. OMG I thought the JV team last night was big. These guys are huge. Couple have to be 6' 7" and chiseled. #
  • Final score 53-0. Glad that one is behind is. We got owned. So move to 4-2 on the year. #
  • 33-0 at half. Other guys. Ouch. Double ouch. Not pretty. Sean has half a dozen tackles and two sacks but off and def both getting owned. #
  • Ugh. Size winning the battle. 14-0 other guys after 1 quarter. #
  • Game time!!!!! #
  • Sean has football game tonight. Taking our 4-1 record to powerhouse Sabino. We are underdogs for a change. Go Ravens! #
  • 20 & 24 pts for Lions RT @AlbertBreer: Last week, Bills became first team EVER to come back from 18-pt deficit… (cont) t.co/8yLvQ6rn #
  • wow. just wow. happy Lions got out of there with a win. just not sure what to think of that game. But Hell yeah, 4-0!!! #

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