Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-16

  • Final score 28-14 Empire wins. Far.from a gem but a win is a win. Mobe to 5-2 on the year. Couple nice sacks for Sean. #
  • Sean football game tonight. Not looking too sharp tonight but up 14-0 at half. Opponent is Tombstone which is one division down from us. #
  • whew. back from 3 day business trip. More tired than usual from this one. must be getting old. Sean's football game tomorrow will revive me! #
  • Wasn't pretty. Too many penalties (12) and mistakes, but its a win. And Lions continue to #roar and gain respect. Nice win! #
  • Lions fans playing part of 12th man well tonight. 8 false starts on the Bears. Come on! Close it out! #
  • Jahvid Best!!!!! Oh yeah! Nice run! Time for D to take it to them! #
  • Stanford? Damn auto correct on phone. Stafford!! And that TD is way to go! Back on top. Come on D! Even played them in fantasy league. #
  • Stanford missing way too many open receivers. He seems to be 2nd half quarterback. Time to light it up. #
  • Lots of blown opportunities for Lions in first. Gonna have to do bettet than that and pull it together if they want to win. #
  • Are you ready for some football!! Let's restore the roar! Go Lions!! #roar #

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