Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-23

  • @CenturyLinkHelp okay in reply to CenturyLinkHelp #
  • Like clockwork #centurylink internet down again. Hopefully not standard couple times a month down for 12+ hours. Wish I had another option!! #
  • Final score 29-6. Improve to 6-2 on the year. Good game. #
  • 22-0 at the half. Good start for Empire. #
  • Sean football game tonight. Putting 5-2 record on line. Sean getting moved up to varsity for rest of season and playoffs. Still play JV too. #
  • Interesting that most fired up play for #Lions was the confrontation between coaches after the game #
  • terrible, terrible game from #Lions Rolled over from the start. Still, 5-1 & havent had to say that in a while. Stafford looked like HS QB #
  • wow. what an ugly 1st half by Lions. Lucky only down by 2 points. Wish Stafford knew how to play QB in first half. Need another comeback. #

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