Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-30

  • Empire enters the playoffs the 11th ranked team in the State. Shouldn't have complained about drive yesterday. Next weeks game 7 hours away! #
  • Final score 63-0. Playoffs next week. #
  • 43-0 at the half, Empire up. Sean playing at offensive guard now. Hope he gets some defense time too. #
  • 36-0 ay end of first quarter. Substitutions underway. Varsity backups in. More to come.. #
  • Hmmm… 30-0 with over 4 minute left in 1st quarter. Definitely see Sean getting.some playing time. #
  • Sean expected to see significant playing time tonight so starters can be rested for playoffs next week.. good night for football. #
  • Wow. What a drive to Sean's first varsity game tonight. 2.5 hours but nice drive through Indian reservation. #
  • Final score 13-0 bad guys. Tough end to season. But end up 6-3 and tie best record for Empire JV. Good seaaon!! #
  • Escaped the half with score ties 0-0. Most of half player on our side of the field. Defense came up big. Offense needs to bet in the game. #
  • Scoreless 1st quarter but thus far they pushing us around a bit. News.to toughen up. #
  • One football game, I would like our kids to be bigger. Or at least the same size. Gonna be cool tonight too. #
  • Holy cow. Our 22 kids going up against 60 kids for them. Bigger too. Empire putting their 6-2 record on the line. #
  • gonna be tiring couple days for Sean. JV football game tomorrow night then varsity game Friday night – argh 2.5 hours from home – late night #

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