Weekly Lifestream 2012-02-19

  • federal and state taxes submitted tonight. glad that's over for another year. never hurts to get a bit back either! #
  • that wildfire still burning. heading away from us and a good dozen miles away. some idiot was burning trash on his property to start it #
  • @SECFORoperator rattlers??? oh, arena football… in Phoenix I see… lol, sorry never heard of them ๐Ÿ™ might have to check em out in reply to SECFORoperator #
  • @Lufferov tries to maintain some level of competitiveness in league. teams have salary cap limit on how much they can spend on salaries too in reply to Lufferov #
  • @Lufferov where teams select players from college for their team t.co/BWRiLStT t.co/Fqfbl7QP in reply to Lufferov #
  • been going through withdrawls today with no football ๐Ÿ™ when is that NFL draft? #

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