Weekly Lifestream 2012-03-25

  • @arjunabhynav t.co/ILhml4jt #
  • Whew. Boarding flight – heading home. Just have to get through Dallas this time. #
  • Finally made it. Almost 24 hours late. On a short trip no less. Oh well. #
  • Sheesh. Now we just need a captain. Oh the joys of travel. #
  • Nothing leaving dfw this morning. Might be near time to bail and head home. See what happens here shortly . #
  • At least the plane was here overnight and don't have to wait for equipment. Fingers crossed. Be nice and late to my agenda. #
  • Wasnt alone last night with cancelled flight & stranded in dfw. Cots everywhere in airport this morning. Glad I got to hotel. Still raining. #
  • Wow. Rough day to travel. Stuck in DFW overnight. Try to get to destination in am. Fun times! #
  • so is the snow coming or not? got few flurries this afternoon, but saying 6 inches or so tonight. have my doubts. #

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