Weekly Lifestream 2012-06-17

  • Looks like @cenuirylink wonderful internet service still down. Only 6 hours now. Guessing will be all night. Crappy service as usual. #
  • Power back on after 2.5 hours but internet still down after another 2 hours. Drawback of country living. Pluses still win easily. #
  • And right on cue with first monsoon rain, the power goes out. Been down for over hour and with our shoddy #ssvec service might be a while. #
  • and now pea and marble sized hail… fun times! #
  • good old monsoon downpour underway. yeah. wait – oh no, its messing with satellite – argh come back US Open… #
  • wait. what is this? actual monsoonal activity moving into the area? now if it would only rain instead of a bunch of dry lightening. please. #
  • Suzanne and the kids gone for most of the day. peaceful. a little work on simple press, a little US Open – can today be Fathers Day too? 😉 #
  • great. another big blunder from #obama Can we get this guy out of office already? November cant get here soon enough. #
  • Hmmmm. the monsoon has officially arrived. of course, no rain. liked it better when it was based on data rather than a hard date. #
  • smokey days around here lately with the big New Mexico fire and couple fires south of border and recent southern winds. #

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