Where’s Mr Papa Been?

Whew, its been six days since my last post. That’s quite a while for me. I guess going back to work on Monday after a month off wasn’t the best idea. Actually, maybe the long vacation wasn’t the best idea.

Sometimes I wonder if its even worth taking vacations. The amount of work while you are gone just seems to pile up. I knew I was going to have dig out going back this week, but I didnt expect to be working until 7 or 8 each night. Since I usually get in to work about 7 in the morning, twelve or thirteen hour days are long – especially after being out for that long.

To top it off, I had several things due at the end of this week. It all added up to a rough week. At least the hard part is done. Everything is submitted. Tomorrow won’t be short, but it won’t be hard either. I simply have to meet with some folks from Germany all day.

I think one of the worst parts about working that late all week has been that I haven’t been able to work out. Getting home at 8 or 9 at night doesn’t leave time for that. I have been working out pretty regularly since last May and even upped the ante over the holidays while on vacation. It’s kinda scary, but I have missed working out this week. At least, I got a 30 minute elliptical trainer workout in this evening.

Hopefully, I can now resume my regular posting…

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