A Football Loss and Some Pictures

Sean’s football team had another game this weekend. They again went down to defeat by a score of 20-6. That makes them 0 – 2 on the year. I think its going to be a very long, winless year like last year.

Sean gets a bit frustrated about his football team always losing, but I dont think its all bad. For one thing, it gives him an opportunity to play almost every down of the game as one of the better players. One of the reasons the team loses, is a samll talent pool to draw from compared to the teams they play. But again, the smaller numbers give Sean more chance to play and improve his game. If he is to play football in high school and such, this time will have been invaluable.

Today was rough as a lot of the kids seemed confused about where to play. This is the 7 – 9 year olds and for the 7 year olds, its their first year of tackle. For the 9 year olds (like Sean though 10 now), they cant wait to play at the next level with all kids who have played before.

Savannah and her cheer team looked pretty good though Savannah sat out the last quarter not feeling well. She has a bit of a cold and had a fever this morning but wanted to give the cheering a try. She is doing fine now.

I have uploaded some pictures today that I took of the football game and the cheerleading. Take a look and see Sean and Savannah in action.