Sean’s Team Loses Opener

Sean’s football team started their season this weekend. Unfortunately, they didn’t start it out on the right foot. They lost a close game by a score of 14 – 12, losing by missing their two extra points, while the other team made both of them. The game was actually pretty sloppy and ugly, which is […]

Savannah’s Cheerleading Squad Takes 2nd

In a VERY long day, Savannah’s cheerleading squad earned a second place in the regional cheerleading competition. Her squad competed in the normal category. There was also an elite category where more stunts, tricks and stuff are done. Unfortunately, this whole event seemed extremely disorganized and haphazard. It was very frustrating for Sean and I […]

Cheerleading Competition Tomorrow

Sean’s football season is over. I missed the last game of the year being in Germany. They lost the game. Actually, somewhat late in the game and losing, the referees called the game because our kids were hitting the other kids too hard. Boy, I would have liked to see that and understand what the […]

Busy Days Ahead

Just when one seems to be relaxing into the lovely fall weather here in Arizona, bang, we go and get busy. Sean and Savannah have only two more weeks left in the regular season of football, but this occupies a significant portion of our Saturdays and three evenings a week for Suzanne and the kids. […]

Win Streak Comes To An End

Well, Sean’s football win streak came to an end today – in a big way. I mentioned in a previous post that the Bisbee kids were supposed to be big. Well, they didn’t disappoint. They were literally huge compared to our kids. Sean’s team actually ended up forfeiting the game at half time when they […]

Don’t Look Now, But It’s A Win Streak

How ’bout them Yellow Jackets? One week after there startling first victory in over three weeks last year, they won’t out against Sierra Vista today and just walloped them. The final score in the game was Yellow Jackets 31 and the Eagles 6. The game was even more lopsided than the score. The kids continue […]

Another Defeat

Sean’s football team went down to defeat again today. This time, the score was 26 – 6. The game was much closer than the score indicates though. Sean’s team actually received the kickoff to begin the game and then held the ball for the entire first quarter in one of the longest drives I have […]

Football and Cheerleading Season To Begin This Saturday

It is upon us once again – the busy time of the year. Sean and Savannah have been very busy the past couple of months with nightly football and cheerleading practice or dance class. This Saturday is the first game of the season. Suzanne is once again the cheerleading coach. Sean’s team hasn’t won a […]

Family Update 8-27-08

Sorry for the dearth of updates lately – I seem to have been caught up in several other endeavors at the moment. Of course, these include World of Warcraft, which gets an hour or two most days, and working on some websites. We had a busy weekend with the kids this pas weekend. We played […]

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was extremely busy, but very fun for us. The weekend started Friday night with us enjoying the relatively new Blu-Ray player. We have been watching many old movies in high def. Some are simple upconverts and not a tremendous increase in resolution. Others have been remastered and are downright beautiful. This weekend […]