Computer Issues Continued

You might remember my recent post about computer issues. Well, tonight I finally made some progress. I was able to get Windows XP reinstalled on the machine without having to wipe the hard drive. So, all of my date is intact.

I make daily backups of the critical data, but there was a lot of stuff I use in my website development and AA gaming that I really wouldn’t want to lose. I also recently stopped backing up my email data because it had gotten so huge. Well, that’s gonna change. I think I might have to invest in a better backup solution. Currently, I backup and upload to my web server for off site storage. I just didn’t want to take up gobs of bandwidth uploading huge files. I think it’s time for a network hard drive or at least a second hard drive for larger backups. Then, maybe upload to the web server once a week or month or something like that.

Now, though, the fun really begins. I still have to reinstall all my applications. Argh…